D3 Metalab
Digital, Data, & Delivery

D3 Metalab is a product foundry. We incubate and launch scalable platforms and web services. We work with entrepreneurs to shape their ideas into market-ready products. We also help companies to technologically scale their existing products using a balanced use of new emerging technologies, architecture patterns, and engineering best-practices in a cost-effective way.


Our Products:

  • Oats
    Oats is a truly global powerful pay-as-you-go ATS and CRM software for recruitment agencies and in-house teams. Learn more.
  • AgentXi
    AgentXi is a personalised and automated multi-channel campaign management software for real estate agencies. Coming Soon.


  • Product Engineering
    We deliver new products at an unprecedented pace - generally a minimum viable product (MVP) in the first 3 months and a market-ready product in another 3 months. We work with your timelines and budget to create a high-caliber delivery squad with specialized technical skills. Learn more.
  • Technology Advisory
    We offer technology advisory to align your technology capabilities with your strategic and operational objectives. We help you to transform your fragile monolithic technology stack into a stable, highly-scalable, global-scale decoupled microservices and micro-frontend architecture. Learn more.

Contact us:

To learn more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us via email. For regular updates, please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.